A Wonderful, Wonderful Person

Billie helped both my two older children when they were young and struggling on the Autistic Spectrum. I can't say enough good things about her.

-Patrick G.

I Admire and Have Sincere Respect For Billie

I first met her in my Reiki I class, and from the first moment was attracted to what I'd describe as her having an inner peace and warm and intuitive personality. As I got to know Billie and the work she does, I realized how spot on my first impressions were. Moving into this new chapter of her professional life, I know Billie will integrate all available modalities, including healing Reiki, into the passionate care of her clients.

-Ginny S.  


Billie has helped our family so much. I don't know where we'd be without her! She has been instrumental in guiding us through my sons anxiety disorder, both as a toddler and now that he is school age. She has given us the tools to help him and as concerns come up, she is right there to help!

-Dianna F.

My Reiki Experience


What’s Reiki ?

Yeah me either. Until…

I was going through a traumatic time in my life and a friend offered me Reiki as a gift. This gift has not only helped me in more ways than I could possibly imagine; it has also made me realize how good of a friend I have.

We are all taught in one form or another how to hold back our emotions. “There is no need to cry.” “It’s OK, Be Strong!” But, where do we put those emotions? Where do they go? 

I stepped into a calming white room with a curved ceiling. Before me was a standard massage table but it was covered in an inviting assortment of blankets and sheets. I was tucked in and requested to close my eyes and  relax. One body part at a time.  Relax your eyes, Now relax your arms. I was getting to a near sleep state of mind. Ooh, this was nice. Finally peace… Then it began. Whoosh! WHAT WAS THAT? Billie placed her hands on my head. There was no moving, no rubbing but just a connection to me. Something was happening. This was different. She continued to move down incrementally each time picking a spot and just connecting her hands to me, as if she was listening for my heart beat and then trying to make it beat slower. When she came to my chest I felt a rush.  A singular emotion. All my love and fear and worries of my children came out at once. It was crazy! Then on to my stomach and BOOM!  It changed like the flick of a light switch. A thousand feelings of my mother's passing came to me in flash. As Billie moved on, the emotions became more personal and stronger. What the hell was going on? I did not expect this.

An hour later (but what seemed like 10 min.) my session came to an end and I had no idea what hit me. I walked out the door in a daze.

That night, I slept better than I have in 20 years and when I woke up, something was different. Was it that I felt stronger? Was I free? No.

I felt like ME for the first time in years! 

Reiki gifted me a full release of emotions and trauma that I have trapped and buried in the deepest part of my body and soul. This release has given me a reboot to my emotional strength. It will now become a regular routine in my life. I feel this emotional release is just as important to my health as eating right, staying fit and a regular doctor visit.  I don’t think anyone can try it just once.