About Me


Welcome to the Healing In Motion website. My name is Billie.  I am the founder of of Healing In Motion, LLC. I grew up in a rural upstate NY community. Since childhood I have embraced a love for nature and spirituality.  I earned my degree in occupational therapy from Utica College of Syracuse University, where I met and fell in love with my husband. Together we are blessed to share our lives with twin boys, two dogs and two fish. I began  my career as an occupational therapist in 1999. I am registered and licensed in the state of NY. I have experience working with adults and children with a variety of disabilities. My specialty focus has been concentrated on neurological injuries and disorders, with an emphasis placed on working with children with autism.

As my career advanced I discovered a passion for treating holistically, while supporting the entire family. I found myself encouraging siblings to participate in my therapy sessions, and spending additional time at the end of sessions coaching parents. I am a certified professional coach and Reiki Practitioner. I utilize a wide range of modalities in my practice including sensory integrative therapy, neuro-developmental therapy, techniques of applied behavioral therapy, as well as Reiki.  My offerings at Healing In Motion include parental coaching, life coaching, Reiki and pediatric occupational therapy. To book a session with me please do so by selecting a convenient time from online booking appointments on my home page.

It is my passion and desire to inject positivity and kindness into the world. I feel that it is an honor and privilege to have the unique opportunity to combine my skills and training as an occupational therapist, professional coach and Reiki practitioner to support the community.  I am committed to providing you with guidance, knowledge, and the tools necessary to live  a healthy, successful and balanced, guilt free  life .